Why We Don’t Test on Windows Phones

Recently there have been some really good comments on my Responsive Mobile UI Split-Test: Icons or Text? post. Over the weekend a commenter named Yorke said: Also might be worthwhile doing a quick broad device test to see how it renders across the ever changing continuum of device specs. On a quick test on a windows phone it doesn’t render well. I replied: We have not been testing on Windows phone to be honest. It represents 0.25% of our visitors in 2014. We monitor our… Continue reading


Browser & Usability Testing…Without Going Insane

One of the most challenging aspects of web development is browser testing. There are literally infinite combinations of devices, browsers, operating systems, and settings (font-sizes, cookies, javascript), especially when you’re doing a responsive design like we did with LockerPulse last year and more recently with Detailed Image last month. Here’s the process we’ve adapted. It doesn’t cover every situation, but I think it does a good job of covering the most important situations without taking a ton of time and effort. In a sense it’s… Continue reading


The Data That Drove Our Responsive Design

In my last post breaking down the new Detailed Image, I wrote the following about our responsive design: If you haven’t figured it out by now, this was the main driving force behind this project. Mobile and tablet usage on our site has skyrocketed, with Safari on iOS becoming our #1 browser/OS combo. It’s a trend that’s only going to continue. We needed to up our game. This will be the topic of my next post where I’ll dive into some of the data. We… Continue reading