Z.ips.ME Launched!

After URL shortening service closed and then re-opened this week due to the public backlash, I thought it would be a good time to release Z.ips.ME, the URL shortener for PHP & MySQL that I started working on a few months back. We’ve been using it internally for our Twitter accounts and it’s worked fantastic. Of course, a few other developers had the exact same thought, so I doubt that this thing will really take off. As was discussed in that first post, the… Continue reading


Announcing Z.ips.ME – Your Very Own URL Shortener

Background When I started using Twitter, one of the first things that piqued my interest was URL shorteners. Not only does it make no sense why Twitter doesn’t officially have their own URL shortening service (although is sort of official now), but it really made no sense to me why everyone used either or instead of creating their own. A URL shortener is uber simple to program and can offer you a ton of value.  So I picked up the domain “”… Continue reading


Will Twitter Replace…

No.  The answer is no.  Twitter won’t replace blogging or anything else.  It is it’s own medium, one which I recently found was very helpful and decided was worth my time.  But the idea that it will replace blogs is a little crazy in my opinion.  Just like it’s crazy to think that blogs replace a well-researched newspaper or magazine article, or that the same article could ever replace a book.  A tweet takes 60 seconds to write well, a blog post takes 30 minutes,… Continue reading


Tweet This

I just broke down and signed up for Twitter, but not for the reasons most people do.  I found the Twitter search EXTREMELY helpful today when my Thunderbird + Google Apps Gmail IMAP  email set up started giving me all sorts of errors.  No one had likely blogged about it yet (plus there’s no real good way to instantly search blogs), but in searching Twitter I found out that all sorts of people were having the same issues as me.  It was very re-assuring and… Continue reading