A Video Overview of Our Pick & Pack Process

My business partner Greg was recently interviewed by The Rag Company at our newly renovated warehouse about our pick and pack process. One of the main components covered is our packing slip route optimization that I wrote about in-depth recently. I wasn’t in the office that day to meet them, but we were very grateful to have the opportunity to host The Rag Company. Their crew did an A+ job with this video and a few other ones. As you can read in the video… Continue reading


A Great Memorial Day Video

Earlier today I finished up listening to the podcast of Innovate for America, a Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders talk by America’s first Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra. This was the first I had heard Aneesh speak. It’s a very passionate and motivating talk about how his team is trying to shape the future of healthcare, education, and energy in our country with technology and entrepreneurship. Enjoy!


Jack Dorsey is Really Smart

I’ve always “known of” Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter and current CEO of Square. Until recently though I hadn’t heard him speak. A few weeks ago I watched the initial episode of Foundation with Kevin Rose where he interviewed Jack over tea, and then during my commute today I listened to his recent lecture at Stanford as a part of their Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series that I love. He’s just an absolutely fascinating person to listen to. From his youth of creating dispatch systems… Continue reading


Two Great Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

I’m not really much of a conference guy. Even if I had the money and time to fly all over the world to attend tech conference after tech conference, I don’t think I’d do it. In terms of interaction, I’ve met tons of great young business owners from around the world online using this blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and through all of our sites. Example – I have a direct link to Gary Vaynerchuk because I sort of interviewed him. If I went to a… Continue reading