Web Venturing Class

Teaching Link Building

In the web venturing class that I’m co-teaching we recently covered SEO for their newly launched WordPress-driven websites. Like every topic in the class, we’re trying to cram ten classes worth of information in to one or two classes so that we can move on to the next topic and give them exposure to all aspects of web venturing throughout the class. Over the course of two periods we covered the basics of on-site SEO, the importance of incoming links, and how to utilize Google… Continue reading


Web Venturing Class Mid-Semester Update

I spent last week down in Harrisonburg, VA at James Madison University, giving my “entrepreneurship as a career choice” talk to two classes and also working with students from the web venturing class that I’m co-teaching. My original plan was to get down to JMU early in the semester to meet all of the students. I thought it would be good to interact face-to-face to form those personal relationships that are hard over Skype and email. Unfortunately, that pesky hurricane happened and I was forced… Continue reading


Pumped to be Co-Teaching a Web Venturing Class!

After my most recent talk at James Madison University last fall, Professor Wales asked me to assist him in teaching a course called “Web Venturing” this coming Fall. What an opportunity!  I think I answered “yes” before he finished his sentence. Prof. Wales spends his summers back in NY so we’ve been able to meet all summer long and work on our syllabus. We had the last meeting yesterday where we reviewed the finer points of the lectures that I’ll be giving. In a little… Continue reading