Talking Your User’s Language

Yesterday I got an email from my local bank about some future changes they’ll be making to their website. One of those changes will be a responsive design. The part that struck me was that a small local bank actually wrote that the new site “will be mobile responsive.” I’m sure internally they referred to the new design as responsive, and that pretty quickly everyone involved learned what a responsive design was. But – do most customers of this local bank have any idea what… Continue reading


2017 Writing Goals

I’m on an eternal quest to improve my writing skills, particularly the skills that influence my work, such as writing copy for our websites, writing emails, and writing web content like this post. In 2016 I had two goals: write more regularly on my blog and write shorter emails. This will be my 59th post of 2016, the most since 2011, so I think I definitively accomplished the former. I’m doing a pretty good job on the latter as I alluded to in that post,… Continue reading


Write. Shorter. Emails.

Above is a word count chart of the emails I send and receive, generated by Gmail Meter. You’ll notice that over 60% of my sent emails are less than 10 words. This is intentional. I used to think that every email had to be entirely thorough, as in-depth as possible, so as to minimize any confusion and ensure that I got my point across. Somewhere along the line I realized: Emails like that take a lot of time to write (I was wasting my time)… Continue reading