Z.ips.ME 2.0 – Why I Updated Our Dormant Open Source URL Shortener

A Brief History Lesson Back in 2009 I created an open source URL shortener called Z.ips.ME as an alternative to using bit.ly and other services on Twitter. At the time, Twitter counted the characters in a link against your 140 characters, so link shortening was a big deal. I updated it a few times, the last being in April of 2010, and then…nothing. In 2011 Twitter rolled out their t.co URL shortener, minimizing the usefulness of a project like Z.ips.ME. Every link now counts as… Continue reading


Z.ips.ME Featured on Read Write Web!

Today Z.ips.ME was featured in a Read Write Web article entitled You Don’t Need Bit.ly, Tr.im & Co.: Just Host Your Own URL Shortener. The author, Frederic Lardinois, mentions both Z.ips.ME and Shorty as alternatives to the 3rd party URL shortening services. This is really really cool! I’m so thankful that RWW (specifically Frederic) took the time to install Z.ips.ME and write about it on such a popular blog. RWW, along with Lifehacker, are my two “must-read” technology blogs. RWW is one of the world’s… Continue reading


Z.ips.ME Launched!

After URL shortening service tr.im closed and then re-opened this week due to the public backlash, I thought it would be a good time to release Z.ips.ME, the URL shortener for PHP & MySQL that I started working on a few months back. We’ve been using it internally for our Twitter accounts and it’s worked fantastic. Of course, a few other developers had the exact same thought, so I doubt that this thing will really take off. As was discussed in that first post, the… Continue reading


Announcing Z.ips.ME – Your Very Own URL Shortener

Background When I started using Twitter, one of the first things that piqued my interest was URL shorteners. Not only does it make no sense why Twitter doesn’t officially have their own URL shortening service (although bit.ly is sort of official now), but it really made no sense to me why everyone used either bit.ly or tinyurl.com instead of creating their own. A URL shortener is uber simple to program and can offer you a ton of value.  So I picked up the domain “ips.me”… Continue reading