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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Introducing SEO-Playbook

I've received a couple of emails about how I added another link under the "My Businesses" side bar. Yes, it's true...I started another business, well sort of. Let me explain -

When I launched iPrioritize, one of the most successful things I did to promote the launch to web-professionals (one of my target markets) was to start writing SEO related articles, something I learned A LOT about with SportsLizard.

At the bottom of the articles is an "about the author" section that essentially allowed me to advertise iPrioritize for free. In addition to the free ad, I figured I'd be getting quality links back to iPrioritize for each article published (to help me in the search engines).

What I didn't plan on was establishing myself as a quasi SEO expert. I started getting flooded with questions from site owners looking to better their SEO efforts, and I always did my best to help them out. I also started getting offered small SEO consulting jobs from site owners who needed a little guidance. Sometimes I said yes, and sometimes I said no. I always wanted to make sure that iPrioritize was my #1 priority and anything that threatened that I said no to. I didn't care about the lost money.

But recently I came to a realization when reflecting on the success of iPrioritize and SportsLizard: both are on track and are doing as good as I could have reasonably expected at this point for the time I've put in, BUT I'm still coming up a little short on cash right now. I realized that there will likely be anywhere from a six months to two years before the sites give me the kind of income I'm comfortable with.

Of course, taking a job would take up too much time (and feel like a step backwards), and I didn't want to have to borrow money or dip into my 401K, SO the obvious solution to me was to start accepting more of the small jobs (a few side jobs a month is all I'm looking for), and from that came the birth of SEO-Playbook.

The people that I feel will find extreme value in what I provide are the types of people that read my articles - people with a basic understanding of SEO and web marketing, but people that need a little guidance. They are likely site owners that run their entire operation. They probably have expertise in many areas of a business, but are new to web-marketing. I know that if I could go back to 2004 when I started SportsLizard and pay $499 for one of my Custom Playbook's, I would. It would save me probably six to eight months of mistakes AND educate me so that I could apply the same principles to other sites in the future.

With that, I hope that many people like me will also see value in what I'm offering. I think a predecessor to success is truly seeing a need for your product/service, and with SEO-Playbook I think I've found that target market somewhere between the do-it-all-yourself site owner and they outsource-it-all site owner.


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