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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Making a bold move

Regarding my sleep schedule - it's been getting worse. About a half-hour worse every night to be exact. I had to get up around 9 today (went to bed after 3), so I'm actually pretty tired and I just made a bold move: I set my alarm clock...for 7 AM tomorrow. I think I've seen 7 AM once since I left my job. But not tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to bed around 12, and I'm going to try seeing how 7 hours works for me (should be more than enough). If this works, I could become one of those "morning people"...of course my dad gets up at 5 everyday so I've got a ways to go.

*update* - this totally backfired...I went to bed REALLY tired around 12:30 and ended up sleeping through my alarm until around 9. You know what? It's not worth worrying about this shit. I'm going to go to bed when I'm tired every night, and wake up when my body wants to wake up. As long as that happens at reasonable hours and I'm not sleeping like 10 hours a day, I'm going to focus on other stuff instead of this crap.


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