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Friday, November 03, 2006

What I've learned in the last month

A lot has changed in the past month or so - not in my overall goals but in how I spend my time in the day. As I've mentioned before, the response to SEO Playbook was a bit overwhelming. Now I'm at the point where I can breathe for a few seconds and I'm trying to reflect on what I've learned so that I can proceed to meet the goals of SportsLizard and iPrioritize while doing freelance work on the side.

  • There is more work out there than I can do - at first I thought it would be tough to find freelance jobs because there are so many great people out there doing them. I learned that there are WAY more jobs out there than I can take, mostly because 1) EVERY business in the world wants their site to get more traffic and create more sales, and 2) Many web design/SEO firms out there do inadequate jobs and people are constantly looking for someone new to work with. I got a months worth of jobs off of 1 article, that I barely did any work to promote!

  • I need to manage my projects better - since I don't think I'll have any trouble finding freelance jobs, I could consume myself with doing every job as fast as possible. I need to calm down and give more realistic deadlines so I don't stress myself out. If I think the work will take 3 weeks, I'll tell the client 4 to give myself a cushion. That way I don't stress myself out trying to meet some self imposed deadline. Overall, I am pretty damn quick in the work I do, so being a little quicker isn't necessary. Seriously, who the hell do I think I am? No client in their right mind would demand I work on a weekend on their maybe I should STOP working so much on weekends.

  • iPrioritize and SportsLizard will suffer if I don't watch it - again, since there is a steady flow of projects coming in, I need to remember that the ultimate goal for me is to have my sites generate most of my revenue and have consulting jobs be a "once in a while" kind of thing. To get there, I still need to give the proper time to my sites and not treat them like second class citizens compared to my clients sites. My first month of taking on side jobs I spent nearly no time on either site, and it showed in the fact that both grew less than they usually do. It was acceptable and understandable for a month, I just can't make negligence a habit.

  • Overall, I enjoy working with clients - in past jobs I've had varied experiences working with clients of all different sizes, so I was a bit skeptical going into this. The difference in this case has been that I am usually working directly with the owner of a small to mid-size business who has the same passion for their business that I have for mine and we connect on that level.

  • People have no problem pre-paying for my work - I thought this could be a problem, but with my 100% money back guarantee no one has had any sort of a problem with it at all.

  • People like talking to me before buying - no surprise here. I make an effort to make sure that I get on the phone with anyone before I do any work for them, and it seems to help them to trust me...they realize that I'm actually a real person :)

  • Just do it - this is more general, but I'm glad I put up the SEO Playbook site a month ago and just took a chance. I didn't know what to expect, but a month later I'm soooo much more knowledgeable and I've been able to tweak the site and my collective business plans accordingly. Rather than plan something elaborate, I put up a one-page site in a matter of a few days and saw what happened. Definitely the way to go. I'm going to try to do even more of this in the future. By nature I like to plan, but sometimes I overplan and I think it hurts me

  • My sites/businesses balance each other real well - I like having two of my sites and also working with others on their sites. The balance in terms of where my income is coming from and how is nice - the sites tend to fluctuate quite a bit and overall they grow, but I only have so much control over their growth...whereas I have much more control over how many SEO jobs I take and how much $ I make from each. I guess, in the end, the more varied streams of income you have the better - less likely for one bad thing to hurt you.

On a total side note - I never know how much to tip in certain scenarios (like when the movers moved me back to NY). Thanks to a post on Kineda, I now know.

Have a good weekend everyone, I'm off to go play some Xbox and then go see Borat.


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