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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The ideal way to hire

Ask most employers when they hire and they'll give you:
  1. When they are swamped
  2. When they are adding a new department or group
  3. When someone quits
  4. When they fire someone
Assuming you are a stable, profitable business (or at least not cutting heads), you have business processes that need improvement. It seems to me that you should always be looking to hire. If someone's skill will profit your company, why would you turn them away? Isn't that how you grow successfully? (to that same point, if a person is negatively impacting your bottom line you should probably fire them)

Yes we've hired a few contractors so far for Pure Adapt, and no I'm not in particular need of another, but if another great one came along I could certainly find work for them. The more skilled team that I have, the faster the output and the better the output, which will allow me to take on more challenging (and therefore more rewarding) projects. Who wouldn't want to add a superstar to their team whenever the opportunity presented itself?


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