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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wohoo, we're profitable!

It feels like it's been six months, but Pure Adapt only officially acquired Detailed Image on February 1. So when the four of us sat down Monday morning to review our numbers for the first month, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that Detailed Image improved 33% in sales since last February, and I knew that our consulting work was bringing in a steady flow of revenue, but I also knew that we had spent a lot.

Amazingly, after all expenses (server, inventory for DI, salary and benefits for four people, lawyer fees, money paid out to contractors, taxes, insurance, etc) we were STILL profitable by a few thousand dollars. George does all the accounting (the rest of us hate it, thankfully he loves it) so I turned to him and asked him again after looking at it myself - this actually includes all of our salaries? Yep. We managed to cover all of our expenses, pay ourselves, and still come out with money left in the bank. I honestly thought it would be a good long while before that happened...and it makes me excited for our future - very, very excited :)


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