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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No lease for Pure Adapt

Here's how our lease negotiation went:
  • Her (owner of office/warehouse park): "it costs $1,200/month to rent our mediocre space and we require a 3-year lease"
  • Us: "we'd like to move in in October, and there are a lot of improvements that need to be made...but we'll move in September 1 and overlook the improvements if the price is reduced to $900/month"
  • Her: "I'll do $1,050/month"
  • Us (knowing full well we'd be happy to do $1,050): "How about $1,000?"
  • Her (apparently insulted by our $50 reduction counter-offer): "No, and now $1,050 is off the table. I'll give you $1,000, but year 2 will be $1,100 and year 3 will be $1,300"
  • Us: f*ck off
Those might not have been the exact words, but you get the idea....

It's actually for the better. DI's slow time is the winter, and heating costs in an old warehouse like that would have been high for the winter. We're going to take a step back and weigh our options. My gut feeling is that we'll end up buying a place now, and that we'll be far better off by not signing the lease. If we buy we'll probably look to get extra space so we can rent some of it out to another business and help supplement the mortgage. A much, much better long term move.

Kind of a weird feeling, because we thought we might be moving today. But I have a question for you: who becomes so offended during a negotiation over $50 that they retract their previous offer? What a biatch.


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